Welcome to ICURAS

Our aim: wise living

At ICURAS we have expertise in service-oriented living and we are driven by the vision to create spaces for life: places that adapt to the people when life situations change. These are places we call home – because why should our homes be less flexible then we are?

And we do not stop there. We want our vision of service-oriented living to become the standard defining future concepts for sophisticated living.

To achieve this goal we are using all our expertise and experience from the real estate and financial industries and specialised on sustainable service-oriented living projects focussed on the people living there and that meet their needs and wishes.

We want to contribute to a philosophy based on the conviction that an active life knows no age. Therefore, we develop real estate projects that consider the needs we personally would like to be met when creating a home for life. We call this concept real-estate 3.0.

Smart investing – your opportunity

Experience offers the best solutions: With over 25 projects successfully implemented we have already set standards with some of the most innovative projects for service-oriented living. This proves we are heading in the right direction.

Not only as the point of contact for private and institutional investors as well as regional authorities but above all as private persons, we develop concepts that convince all stakeholders in terms of innovation and quality. To strengthen this expertise we are working with partners who share our vision.

A true quality of life without any restriction for the people living in their homes and investments that show an impact and have a sense for future trends with regard to the interests of our investors: ICURAS aims at translating innovative living and care-concepts into efficient and profitable projects. Our investors can choose among different options that foster sustainable investments in this continually growing market.

We are convinced that service-oriented living offers great perspectives. And we think that sustainable investments should provide smart added value for the benefit of everyone.